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You have worked hard to be here, and you make this country a better place.  Whether you are petitioning for a family member, seeking to become a permanent resident or US citizen, or in removal proceedings, GlassHessLaw will fight for your American dream.

We provide the following services:
• Family-based immigration
• Naturalization
• Removal defense
• Asylum
• U-visa


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When the government has charged you with a crime, there is a lot at stake.  It is essential that you have an attorney who understands the system and has the experience to skillfully handle a trial if necessary.  If you are not a US citizen, any contact with the criminal justice system may put you at risk. GlassHessLaw has the experience necessary to understand how an arrest or conviction will affect your immigration status, and help you craft a strategy of defense.

We represent clients in all types of felonies, misdemeanors, and traffic offenses, throughout the metro Atlanta area.​

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